Following Matt

By Joe Buda

Matt Burress has a goal.  He wants to lose over 250 pounds.  Matt has a few reasons for wanting to lose the weight.

“I just want to feel like I can participate in society.” Matt explained. “When you are this size, you really don’t feel like you can.”

“People’s attitudes, your own attitudes, you just don’t feel like you fit in anywhere,” he added.  “I want to live a normal life.”

Matt had been trying to diet and exercise for years, with failing results.

In October, Matt started working with a personal trainer, Iyan Breese, of IB Training.

When he started Ovulation working Hello out with Iyan, he thinks he weighed in at over 500 pounds.

But his starting weight was difficult to say due to not being able to find a scale that went over 500.

That was two months ago.  Matt has noticed significant progress since starting his new program.  He has lost four inches in his chest (57” down to 53”), seven inches in his waist (66” down to 59”) and four inches in his hips (78” down to 74”).

“I’m noticing cheap NBA jerseys results,” Matt remarked.  “(I have) Dresses more energy, my pants starting to sag.”

“I don’t want to sit cheap MLB jerseys in the house anymore,” Matt added. “I Koh want to get out and do things. I wholesale jerseys find that when I’m not here (working out), I miss being here.”

“At first they (the workouts) were hard, but now they are challenging and I love them,” continued Matt.

Matt wants to inspire other people, which is why his progress can be followed online on Facebook at Time to Be Bold and Courageous or IB Training.

Having his progress tracked online also provides Matt with extra accountability.

It’s also a good way to get the message out that there is hope for people trying to lose weight.

According to Iyan, it’s a great way to explain “what we are doing out here, what I am able to do for him.”

“If somebody’s looking to lose weight, change their lifestyle habits and are looking to get healthy, following Matt is a great example of what I can do for them,” added Iyan.

“And with Matt coming in here, wanting to change his life around, he no longer wants to be the person he was, and wants to become this new person, following Matt on IB Training or Time to Be Bold and Courageous is a great way to see how it is done,” continued Iyan.

Matt has words of inspiration to anyone who is thinking of getting into shape.

“I would to say anyone who is considering it, wondering if they can do it or not,” Matt said. “I would say ‘Yes you can.’”

“Just let go of your fear and come out and try it,” he continued.

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