The Priority Principle

By Joe Breen, C.F.T.

Contributing Writer

You have a body part you want to develop more than others. You have an outfit you want to get into for an event or the summer time. You have a weak point on your body that is lagging and needs work. What do you do? You develop a training program that goes about addressing that concern, or as Joe Weider says, you use the priority principle.

You needn’t be a professional bodybuilder or a fitness model to use this principle. What you would do is work on the area you want to bring up early in your routine when you are at your strongest, or you can work a lagging body part more than once a week if needed. A good example would be chest.  A lot of people tend to develop the lower and middle portion of their chest, but often neglect their upper chest. To correct this you would want to include incline bench presses as this is the most effective way of targeting the upper chest and include it first in the routine. Also you would want to devote more sets and reps to this exercise and do other exercises that target other parts of the chest afterward.

If you find your abs are not coming along as you would like and you are following a sound diet and doing cardio you can do abs at the beginning of the workout when your energy is at its peak. I have seen many people use this method to great effect.

As my mentor Leo Costa Jr always says, the body becomes it’s function. Meaning what we program the body to do, it will do and do quite efficiently

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Until next time keep shooting for your goals.

Joe Breen, C.F.T.

As a child I was inactive and overweight. That changed for me around age 13 when I became involved in sports.  By age 19, I had entered the competitive bodybuilding arena.   As a result of questions I was receiving from the public regarding training, etc, I became a Certified Personal Trainer.

For the last 13 years, I have been helping people with their fitness goals whether it is weight loss, weight gain or reshaping themselves at their goal weight.  I enjoy assisting people by providing the tools they need to achieve their fitness goals.  It is a privileged to inform and educate the readers of The Las Vegas Informer so that they can have the knowledge and confidence to reach their goals.

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