SXLiquors Unveils New Line of Five Groundbreaking Vodkas Featuring Rich Tastes and Vibrant Colors

LAS VEGAS, March 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — SXLiquors, a young startup which burst onto the spirits scene in 2011 with its launch of infused tequila and rums, has now unveiled a range of five groundbreaking vodkas. The innovative products were introduced today (at booth # 169) in Las Vegas at the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Tradeshow, a leading international venue for the spirits industry. SXLiquors vodkas will be immediately available in the nightclubs and bars of Las Vegas and all across its home state of Florida.

The new SXLiquors vodkas, whose names are derived from the Spanish words describing the colors of the spirits and their bottles, were introduced in a celebration combining Miami art, music and fashion.

“Our tequila and rums infused with sensual and exotic ingredients strongly resonated with consumers, so we wanted to build upon that success and expand quickly into vodkas,” said SXLiquors CEO David Knight. “We are growing aggressively, and we expect the vodkas to both accelerate sales and dramatically enhance the popularity of our brand among a broader segment of consumers.”

The most colorful of the three vodkas feature vibrant tastes and come in bold hues. SXazul is electric blue cane vodka with blackberry, blueberry and subtle hints of vanilla and rosemary that combine for a light and airy taste. SXverde is a fun, green spirit that playfully blends tangy apples, lemon and hints of basil and can be enjoyed alone or used to make a simple and sexy appletini. SXrosa is vodka distilled from cane and infused with the tropical tastes of coconuts and watermelon with a subtle cilantro finish. SXrosa is great over ice or shaken into a fun, refreshing and sexy martini.

SXnegro is a truly unique vodka whose unparalleled smoothness and deep, rich and sultry tones are derived from resting cane vodka in reposado tequila oak casks for several months. The striking black SXnegro bottle is the counterpart to the glossy white soft touch bottle that contains SXblanco. SXblanco is an impeccably smooth and sexy cane vodka which can be enjoyed straight up, over ice, shaken or stirred into a favorite martini or other cocktail.

The newly-launched vodkas, as well as SXLiquors’ unique infused tequilas and rums will be on display at booth #169 at the Nightclub & Bar Expo throughout the show. Attendees are invited to sample the products and experience the excitement that the company is sharing through its unconventional fusion of spirits with art, music, fashion and fun. In addition to artistic displays of its products and free sampling for today’s launch, SXLiquors is showcasing a pair of art concept cars, Miami inspired music and a super sexy South Florida fashion show.

About SX
SXLiquors is a line of premium spirits including award-winning tequila, aged rum, cachaca-style rum and a brand-new collection of groundbreaking vodkas. Infused with sensual and exotic ingredients to deliver the ultimate taste experience, its products appeal to discerning consumers looking for delicious drinks that can be enjoyed over ice or inside their favorite cocktails. Learn more at, become a fan on the SX Facebook page and follow SX on Twitter.


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