How To Bridge the Gap Between You and Your Dreams (Part 1)

By Eric Johnson

Las Vegas Informer

Between where you are and where you want to be is a GAP.  To bridge that gap is to create the business and life you want.

Overcoming the gap requires…

  • Hard work
  • Time
  • Consistency

I want to pull the curtain on my business and myself back a bit and empower you and challenge your thinking.

For me, after months of…

  • emails, consulting calls and helping clients
  • writing and refining programs
  • trying things that didn’t work or had poor payoffs
  • working at home alone
  • endless networking events where I left with stacks of other people’s business cards in my pockets
  • social media push-ups where I wondered “Is anyone reading this?”
  • “breaking orbit” from what I was used to

…things are paying off. Beautifully. Wonderfully.

ACTION is how you bridge the gap between you and your dreams.  

Consistent actions. In the same direction. Over time.  It will pay off.

Every single marketer in the world wants to convince you that there is a “secret proven formula.” THERE IS NOT.  They want you to believe that so you will whip out your credit card and pay them. The secret they don’t want you to know is that they are making money and you’re not.

The only “proven formula” is not a secret. It’s action. There’s nothing mystical, mysterious or elusive about it.

Human beings want to believe there is a secret. Why? It’s a cop-out. A justification. An excuse.  “There’s something that somebody isn’t telling me. That’s why I’m not successful. That’s why it’s not working out.”  Ever had those thoughts?

Every marketer sells a secret. Why? It’s the most tempting and alluring thing ever to human beings.  According to magazine covers, there are constantly “new sex secrets” being discovered. They make it sound like sex was recently invented and human beings are still trying to get used to it.

Between you and your dreams is a road that is both known and unknown. 

The known part of the road: It will be hard and challenging. Decisions, commitment and tenacity are required. It will impact your time, your energy and your finances.  Courage is the activator and without courage, there is literally no point in starting. Make sure that the truths found in my courage article are found in your heart. Other parts that are known include logistics, coordination, communicating well, learning new things and more.

The unknown part of the road:  What emotions will it bring up? Contrary to the popular notion and what I personally believed for YEARS and how I operated during my MBA program, business is very emotional. It’s not all analytical and logical like business plans.

You can hire out the logical and analytical tasks and aspects of a business. Get a bookkeeper, hire a web designer or pay to get a business plan written. That’s easy.  However, the emotional aspects are what you mostly go through alone. Those cannot be outsourced. The emotional experiences are what make business hard.

We want to think business is like a senior college literature course, where we sit around drinking coffee and discuss our current reading selection with our Ph.D professor.  IT IS NOT THAT! 

Business is like a middle school or freshman P.E. class.  It’s hectic and crazy. Fears are brought up. Maybe at times it seems calm on the outside, but remember what was going on inside of you at the time?  Am I tall enough? Strong enough? Pretty/handsome enough?  Am I filled out enough?  Am I average? Above? Below?  Am I athletic and coordinated enough?!  What if I miss a shot?  Do something stupid?  Where did I put my PE clothes? Wait, we don’t have to take showers do we?!  Will I know anyone in my PE class?  It’s maddening craziness.

Pull those feelings, that nerve of things into right now.  It may sound like this in your head…. “When will I finish this? Is it good enough? What will people think?  If I spent all this time working on it and it’s terrible, I’ll be laughed at and I’ll lose respect.  What if this doesn’t make money?  What if I’m not as good as I think I am?  Would I buy from someone like me? Who am I to write a book? …start a club?  …initiate something new?”  (Blah blah blah… it’s the same chatter with different words.)

Remember all that for a moment, or consider a time in your life that brought up a lot of emotional issues.  That is more of what business is like.  This is why bridging the emotional gap is absolutely essential.

I struggle with illustrating this, but here’s what I’m thinking…

Our brains THINK things out, but our emotions WALK things out. 

Such a contrast. Concerning all that chatter, imagine it as a TV blaring some show you can’t stand… now seeing yourself not only turning off the TV but pulling out the plug. Maybe even throwing out the TV altogether! If it were a radio, that chatter (the signal) needs to be TUNED IN TO SOMETHING BETTER. What are you tuned into right now?  This is exceptionally important.

ACTION STEPS To Bridge the Emotional Gap:

1. Accept the deeply emotional aspect of business.  

Sales calls bomb. Technology has glitches at the worst moments.  People hang up on you.  Your emails and voicemails get ignored. You get treated like you’re inferior or not qualified. Clients won’t pay.

It all adds up. Don’t take it personally. Choose to accept the fact that these situations and others are very emotional. Therefore, you have to be ready.

2. Identify five actions that build your emotional resilience.  

Here are some ideas:

Physical: Exercise, sports, hiking, being in nature, yoga, pilates.

Spiritual: Practices such as prayer, meditation, attending a place of worship, volunteering, solitude.

Mental:  Specific types of reading (spiritual, uplifting, how to), stimulating conversations, mentally challenging games.

Creative: Playing music, painting, singing, drawing, sculpting, writing.

Other:  Listening to music, attending certain events, being with certain friends and family members, watching specific types of movies or shows.

3. Plan those five actions into your weekly schedule.

4. Observe your behavior, responses and emotional resilience. 

What helped the most? Do you need to change your approach in some way?

Enough reading. Time to start bridging the gap.

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson MBA is the founder of Finish Your Project Consulting.  His business is affiliated with Online Biz Boss, which focuses on simplifying online profits for small business owners.  To kick off your own online explosion this year, take the Online Biz Personality Test at

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