Ozonator’s™ Technology Offers a Patented, Compact Device to Keep Food Fresher

fresh-food1The Ozonator™ offers a patented, compact device scientifically proven technology refrigerator update to keep foods fresher. The use of ozone is a proven multi-million dollar industry used throughout the modern world and by professionals for citrus fruit storage, cool meat storage, fish and seafood.

Now this technology, which is used by the world’s food experts who oversee freshness of billions of dollar in food inventory, is available in a low cost device that takes up less room in the refrigerator than a grapefruit.

“This is an incredibly simple device that has such obvious benefits in the home,” said Kevin Brooks, Vice President of Ozonator llc. “Anyone who knows food will tell you there is no more important aspect of a healthy meal than freshness. Ozone is proven to diminish growth of bacteria and molds. Food simply stays fresh longer.”

Brooks says that it is surprising how many people will go the extra mile and spend additional money to buy healthy organic foods, yet the same family isn’t aware that they can spend a few extra pennies to control mold and bacteria growth.

“The Ozonator’s™ proven reduction of bacteria and mold growth on food alone makes the Ozonator™ a natural addition to your kitchen. If your goal is to have a healthier environment for your family’s food, you should be using the same technology that the experts use for food preservation. The Ozonator™ provides that proven technology.”

The Ozonator™ creates the same, all organic environment that occurs during a spring thunderstorm. The earth itself creates an abundance of ozone that is easily smelled during spring rains or near the ocean front. The Ozonator™ makes no sound when it is turned on, but its effect is readily apparent.  It immediately fills the air with the distinctive smells reminiscent of rain and thundershowers.

In major commercial food storage operations, ozone gas is typically distributed throughout a cold storage facility at low levels. In shipping, ozone infused sterilized ice is used to pack fresh fish and seafood to prolong freshness. Ozone is also used in meat coolers to extend shelf life by inhibiting microbiological growth. Ozone is even dissolved into water to wash fruits and vegetables in order to remove mold and bacteria.

According to the National Resources Defense Council, in the U.S., Americans waste around 40 percent of all edible food. A large portion of that waste is caused by consumers. For the average U.S. household of four, food waste translates into an estimated $1,350 to $2,275 in annual losses. If  just 15 percent less food was wasted, it would be enough to feed 25 million Americans.

Ozonator llc offers a patented (US Patent 7,678,040 B2), scientifically proven technology refrigerator update to help slow food waste. The Ozonator™, Green Refrigerator Machine™ is small, maintenance-free, battery-operated eco-friendly unit that sits on the top shelf of the refrigerator to promote a clean environment using natural ozone. Ozone is a natural cleaner found in nature that when produced in sufficient quantities, reduces airborne bacteria, fungi, mildew, mold and viruses that are found in coils of household refrigerators. The Ozonator™, Green Refrigerator Machine™ and has been proven by a leading independent laboratory to extend the shelf-life of refrigerator-stored perishable foods.

The award-winning Green Refrigerator Machine™ won first place as Best of Show at the New Living Expo and placed among the top five in the New Products Category at the Go Green Expo. For more information, visit www.ozonator.com.

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