Cancer survivor Fred Vlchek begins his inaugural cross country bicycle ride

Fred VlchekEndurance cyclist and cancer survivor Fred Vlchek embarks today on a five-week cross country bicycle trip, raising funds to help others struggling in their battle with cancer. He will ceremoniously dip his bicycle tire into the water of the Pacific Ocean at the Oceanside Municipal Pier to start his pilgrimage across the United States to the Atlantic Ocean.

Vlchek’s route will take him across 12 states reaching elevations over 8,000 feet.  Throughout the course of 37 days he will be travelling over 3,200 miles alone on his bicycle. Although this is a solo ride, he is relying heavily on the support of the local Knights of Columbus councils along his journey. His food, supplements and gear will be transported from the daily starting point to end point by these volunteers.

Marking the end of his trip in the same manner he began, Vlchek will dip his tire into the Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis, MD on September 1, thus completing the journey from sea to shining sea.

The goal of this pilgrimage is to raise funds for Fred’s Difference to help increase cancer awareness and support for those who cannot afford costly cancer treatments.  Fred’s Difference has been raising funds to support the journey through individual and corporate sponsorships.

Donors and supporters can follow Fred’s ride progress and make contributions at

Vlchek is a six-year testicular cancer survivor and 13 year veteran of the US Army. He has spent the past six years actively engaged in the fitness communities of Denver, Colorado & Washington, DC as a fitness trainer for Gold’s Gym and a team captain for Rooster Racing. He has made significant changes in his own life and has a passion for improving the lives of others. Fred is a 4th degree Knight of Columbus, as well as the founder and President of Fred’s Difference.

Founded in 2011, Fred’s Difference is a certified 501(C)3 nonprofit organization committed to increasing awareness and to support/fund treatment of all types of cancer plaguing the world today. The elements of the threefold mission of Fred’s Difference are; fundraising to help cancer patients offset the costs associated with cancer treatments, increasing awareness of the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of those affected by cancer, and support community efforts to increase awareness and raise funds for the assistance of cancer patients and their families.

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