LUZIA by Cirque du Soleil: Celebrating Mexico and La Mujer Mexicana

by Charly Kayle, Informer Media Group

When experiencing this Cirque du Soleil show, “LUZIA: A Walking Dream Of Mexico,” my jaw literally dropped in amazement at the physical feats of balance, flexibility and endurance intertwined with the costumes, music and set design. I left thinking, “How can Cirque du Soleil ever top this one?” Yet here is another show that astounds and amazes with beauty and grace. After seeing many Cirque shows, this could easily become my favorite.

On tour now in the San Francisco Bay Area, “LUZIA: A Walking Dream Of Mexico” touches all the senses with brilliant light, vibrant color, soothing water, delightful music and of course, incredible acrobatic feats. This is a positive, upbeat show with freshly original costumes that appeal to the animal lover, and an original score by Canadian composer Simon Carpentier that energizes throughout.

Look for the recurrent character of Running Woman, a monarch butterfly, as she makes her migratory journey over 3,000 miles from Canada to Mexico, one sister country to another. Cirque’s Director of Creation, Patricia Ruel, explained that she is strong, powerful and meant to embody the indomitable spirit of the loving Mexican woman who holds the family together.

Water makes its appearance on stage for the first time in a touring Cirque show, and creates the soothing ambiance of a tropical rain. It stars as a character in its own right, creating imaginative designs as it nurtures the atmosphere. (Note: While last year’s touring horse spectacular Odysseo by Cavalia had running water on stage, the water did not rain down from above, and more importantly, it is not associated with Cirque du Soleil.)

The country of Mexico is a proud partner in the production, which thoughtfully blends the attributes and histories of many regions into a fantasyland. There are elements reminiscent of Baja California, Michoacan, Chiapas, Mexico City, San Luis Potosi and the Yucatan.   Not only is this a family-friendly production that can truly be appreciated by all ages, but a jumping off point for discussions of culture, history and life found in Mexico.

There is plenty of joy, laughter and excitement all mirrored by the extremely creative costumes. One touching scene that brought home the reason I appreciate Cirque so much is when a powerful jaguar (cleverly depicted using several performers) comes to drink out of a pool of water. The aerialist dancing down the rain stopped his antics to admire this majestic creature, considered an iconic figure in Mayan and pre-Hispanic mythology.

There was no fear, no power struggle, no ego feeling the need to train and constrain this big cat. Instead, one can sense the respect while the acrobat gently reached out to softly touch the jaguar on the head. His gesture spoke volumes of “We all belong here and share this environment together.”

The balance of yin and yang create a loving whole in the ecosystem of Cirque du Soleil.

LUZIA: A Walking Dream Of Mexico is on tour now. Shows in San Francisco will perform at AT&T Park through Jan. 29. Shows will be performed in San Jose at Taylor Street Bridge from Feb. 9 through March 19. The tour will continue in Seattle, Denver and Chicago. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

For information on exploring these areas in Mexico, visit

Charly Kayle is a radio personality who has been involved with morning shows across the country.  Based out of San Francisco, she enjoys covering food and beverage, animals, travel, entertainment and metaphysical interests.

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